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The Reader- Review

The Reader - Traci Chee

So many aspects of this book were fantastic! The world-building was beautifully done. Everything was easily visualized and the different islands felt distinct without being over-simplified. The characterization was masterfully developed. Each character felt real and all could have been real people. The main plot was also amazing, but I found many of the side-plot things very confusing. I enjoyed the Captain Reed stories, but sometimes it got confusing as to when they were older stories and when they were affecting the main plot. I was also very confused about the two apprentices because there was no reference point (until what feels like a throw-away line at the very end that I completely missed until I started to write this review) telling you when their stories are happening in relation to the main plot. But, ultimately, this was a wonderful book and a great adventure to keep my mind occupied on a couple of flights.