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Is this a good alternative to goodreads?

— feeling alien

I am exploring this website as a possible alternative to goodreads. Because I don't pay attention or whatever, I didn't realize until last week that amazon owns goodreads. I have steadily relied on goodreads to track the things I've read, my reading goals, and the analytics of what I read.


I'm not sure yet how I feel about this website. I've spent most of my day already working on switching from goodreads to libib.com. I really like libib so far. Switching over has been a bit of a hassle because I want to bring all my current goodreads data over to my new place. I have found libib extremely easy to use and quite streamlined. It is simplistic and I really like that.


This website is... a lot, to be honest. There's so much you can do. I don't really need all this and I probably won't use half of the features. However, I am afraid most of the people I know and follow will prefer this website over libib. And I do rely pretty heavily on my feed for book suggestions. So I'll give it a shot....